Scalecoat paint

Scalecoat PC Green Paint

The PCRRHS has available bottles of Scalecoat I and Scalecoat II Penn Central Green paint available. Both formulations are available in 2 ounce bottles for $5.99 each. Scalecoat I is also available 6 ounce spray cans for $8.25 each. (Scalecoat II cans are sold out and no longer available.)

Federal postal regulations prohibit shipping paint via US Mail, so all paint orders must be shipped via UPS. Shipping cost via UPS is an average of $11.00. Please contact our storekeeper and provide your ZIP code if you are interested in purchasing paint so we can quote you a price for shipping. Note that two bottles ship for the same price as one, so it may be more cost-effective to buy two. We can still accept payment for paint orders via PayPal once our storekeeper provides you with a final order total.